The Foundation Platform for Social Transformation is a registered charity in Voorburg, The Netherlands under Chamber of Commerce #50264249. As a non-profit organization, it serves the general interest. The foundation only carries out projects that serve a social purpose. The foundation does not pursue commercial goals.

The aim of the foundation, as set out in its statutes, is to promote social transformation in the broadest sense. The foundation focuses on programs that promote the political, socio-economic and cultural development of societies. This means that we implement programs that contribute to issues such as democracy, human rights (in particular religious freedom), integrity (fighting corruption), conflict resolution, the protection of the rule of law, combating injustice, economic diplomacy, etc.

We try to reach this goal by doing research and disseminating research results, issuing publications, networking, organizing conferences, giving guest lectures, developing and distributing educational videos, developing and facilitating training and implementing policy influencing strategies.